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General Information


  2. FEDERAL LAW ODOMETER POLICY - Carriage Trade Public Auto Auction does not guarantee the accuracy of odometer readings on any consigned vehicle. The transaction is strictly between the buyer and the seller and the Auction assumes no responsibility. 

  3. TAMPERING - Any persons found tampering with or removing equipment from vehicles will be suspended from the Auction and prosecuted by law. Dealers will be held responsible for their employees. 

  4. BUYER DEFAULT - The Auction will positively not be held responsible for the buyer faulting on or failing to pay for a vehicle.

  5. FEES - Carriage Trade charges a buyer's fee for all vehicles sold in addition to the sale price. Also, a seller's fee will be deducted from the proceeds to the seller. Please ask for a rate card to avoid any misunderstanding.

  6. REPOSESSION PAPERS - Certain financial institutions prefer to sell vehicles with repossession papers rather than clear Titles. If you wish to be made aware, you must ask the person representing the vehicle on the podium. 

  7. Vehicles without a Public Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) cannot be sold through this Auction. We will normally not offer for sale a vehicle with a Specially Assigned Serial Number Plate. Any vehicle that doesn't have a Warranty Sticker or has a Warranty Sticker that doesn't match the VIN plate must be checked by the State Police and/or National Auto Theft Bureau before it can be offered for sale. 

  8. Flood, Police, Taxi, Recovered Theft, Lemon Law, Canadian Vehicles, Reconstructed and Salvaged Vehicles: Any vehicle with the above listed history will only be sold "AS-IS" provided a proper announcement is made. These vehicles can only be sold to DEALERS. ABSOLUTYLY NO RETAIL BUYERS CAN BUY THESE VEHICLES. Salvage papers are not accepted at auction. These vehicles must have a negotiable title. Sellers who neglect to announce these vehicles will be required to repurchase these units regardless of the circumstances, or to make a suitable adjustment. Buyers of this type of automobile should contact their state titling authority prior to purchasing these vehicles to ascertain what requirements they must meet to retail these units.

  9. There are not warranties expressed or implied of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose of vehicles.

  10. Vehicles are sold with all visible defects at time of sales including any and all missing parts and equipment.

  11. Management reserves the right to reject any Motor Vehicle offered for sales and/or refuse to warrant the title to any vehicle sold. Management also reserves the right to void a transaction. Management's decision shall be its sole discretion, without need for disclosure of grounds for exception, and shall be final. In matters of interpretation of the Auction Policy, the decision of the Auction Management shall be final. Vehicle is the year it is represented to be. The Auction will not become involved in any subsequent dispute.